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Predictions mixed Premier - football Russia

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DateLgTeam A Match Score Team B Pred. Odd Book Result +
04/19 16:00RussiaFK KrasnodarFK Krasnodar - Fakel Voronezh2-0Fakel Voronezh1x1.16 vip correct
04/20 11:00RussiaRubin KazanRubin Kazan - Lokomotiv Moscow1-1Lokomotiv Moscowgoals1.95 vip correct
04/20 13:30RussiaBaltika KaliningBaltika Kalining - FK Krylya Soveto2-1FK Krylya Soveto121.36 vip correct
04/20 16:30RussiaCSKA MoscowCSKA Moscow - Akhmat Grozny (R1-2Akhmat Grozny (R11.53 vip wrong
04/21 11:00RussiaVolga Nizhny NovVolga Nizhny Nov - Dynamo Moscow1-4Dynamo Moscowover 1.5 vip correct
04/21 13:15RussiaZenit St. PetersZenit St. Peters - Gazovik Orenburg1-0Gazovik Orenburg11.31 vip correct
04/21 15:15RussiaSochiSochi - Ural Sverdlovsk 2-2Ural Sverdlovsk under 3.5 vip wrong
04/21 17:30RussiaRostov FKRostov FK - Spartak Moscow1-5Spartak Moscow1x1.40 vip wrong
04/24 13:00RussiaGazovik OrenburgGazovik Orenburg - Dynamo MoscowDynamo Moscowover1.80 vip waiting
04/24 15:15RussiaVolga Nizhny NovVolga Nizhny Nov - Lokomotiv MoscowLokomotiv Moscowunder 3.5 vip waiting
04/24 17:30RussiaZenit St. PetersZenit St. Peters - Rubin KazanRubin Kazan11.36 vip waiting
04/24 17:30RussiaFK KrasnodarFK Krasnodar - Baltika KaliningBaltika Kalining1x1.19 vip waiting
04/25 13:00RussiaUral Sverdlovsk Ural Sverdlovsk - Rostov FKRostov FKaway score vip waiting
04/25 15:15RussiaFakel VoronezhFakel Voronezh - FK Krylya SovetoFK Krylya Soveto1x1.49 vip waiting
04/25 17:30RussiaCSKA MoscowCSKA Moscow - Spartak MoscowSpartak Moscow1x1.49 vip waiting
04/25 17:30RussiaAkhmat Grozny (RAkhmat Grozny (R - SochiSochi1x1.47 vip waiting
04/28 11:00RussiaAkhmat Grozny (RAkhmat Grozny (R - Volga Nizhny NovVolga Nizhny Nov1x1.35 vip waiting
04/28 13:15RussiaSpartak MoscowSpartak Moscow - Lokomotiv MoscowLokomotiv Moscowhome score vip waiting
04/28 16:15RussiaDynamo MoscowDynamo Moscow - Zenit St. PetersZenit St. Petersaway score vip waiting
04/28 18:30RussiaBaltika KaliningBaltika Kalining - CSKA MoscowCSKA Moscowunder 3.5 vip waiting
04/29 10:00RussiaFK Krylya SovetoFK Krylya Soveto - FK KrasnodarFK Krasnodarover 1.5 vip waiting
04/29 12:15RussiaRubin KazanRubin Kazan - Ural Sverdlovsk Ural Sverdlovsk 1x1.36 vip waiting
04/29 14:30RussiaSochiSochi - Fakel VoronezhFakel Voronezhgoals1.88 vip waiting
04/29 16:45RussiaRostov FKRostov FK - Gazovik OrenburgGazovik Orenburghome score vip waiting
These are all predictions on the type of bet mixed of football's matches of Premier. You can access other types of bets by clicking in the appropriate boxes.
Notes. Goals: both teams score at least one goal --- home score: Score at least one goal the home team --- away score: Score at least one goal the away team