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2020-10-27 16:37:35

Predictions First Division - football Russia

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DateLgTeam A Match Score Team B Pred. Odd Book Result +
10/24 05:00RussiaSKA-Energiya KhaSKA-Energiya Kha - Chertanovo M.2-0Chertanovo M.1x1.08 vip correct
10/24 10:00RussiaFK Krasnodar IIFK Krasnodar II - Dinamo Bryansk0-0Dinamo Bryansk12 vip wrong
10/24 11:00RussiaGazovik OrenburgGazovik Orenburg - Yenisey Krasnoya1-3Yenisey Krasnoya1x1.23 vip wrong
10/24 11:00RussiaShinnik YaroslavShinnik Yaroslav - Tekstilshchik Iv0-3Tekstilshchik Ivx vip wrong
10/24 12:00RussiaAkron TogliattiAkron Togliatti - Neftekhimik Nizh3-4Neftekhimik Nizh12 vip correct
10/24 13:00RussiaVolgar AstrakhanVolgar Astrakhan - Spartak Moscow I2-0Spartak Moscow I1x1.17 vip correct
10/24 14:00RussiaFK ChaykaFK Chayka - Volga Nizhny Nov1-1Volga Nizhny Novx2 vip correct
10/24 14:00RussiaFakelFakel - FK Krylya Soveto1-1FK Krylya Soveto21.60 vip wrong
10/24 14:00RussiaTorpedo moskvaTorpedo moskva - Alania Vladikavk2-0Alania Vladikavk12 vip correct
10/24 14:00RussiaVeles MoscowVeles Moscow - Tom Tomsk0-0Tom Tomsk1 vip wrong
10/24 16:00RussiaBaltika KaliningBaltika Kalining - Omsk3-2Omsk11.25 vip correct
10/28 11:30RussiaTom TomskTom Tomsk - SKA-Energiya KhaSKA-Energiya Kha1x1.48 vip waiting
10/28 12:00RussiaSpartak Moscow ISpartak Moscow I - Yenisey KrasnoyaYenisey Krasnoya1x1.52 vip waiting
10/28 13:00RussiaVolga Nizhny NovVolga Nizhny Nov - Gazovik OrenburgGazovik Orenburg121.40 vip waiting
10/28 13:00RussiaTekstilshchik IvTekstilshchik Iv - Torpedo moskvaTorpedo moskva2 vip waiting
10/28 14:00RussiaAlania VladikavkAlania Vladikavk - Akron TogliattiAkron Togliatti1 vip waiting
10/28 14:30RussiaOmskOmsk - Veles MoscowVeles Moscow2 vip waiting
10/28 14:30RussiaVolgar AstrakhanVolgar Astrakhan - FakelFakel12.12 vip waiting
10/28 15:00RussiaChertanovo M.Chertanovo M. - FK ChaykaFK Chayka12 vip waiting
10/28 15:00RussiaDinamo BryanskDinamo Bryansk - Baltika KaliningBaltika Kalining1 vip waiting
10/28 15:00RussiaFK Krylya SovetoFK Krylya Soveto - Shinnik YaroslavShinnik Yaroslav11.17 vip waiting
10/28 15:00RussiaNeftekhimik NizhNeftekhimik Nizh - FK Krasnodar IIFK Krasnodar II11.89 vip waiting
11/01 05:00RussiaSKA-Energiya KhaSKA-Energiya Kha - OmskOmsk1 vip waiting
11/01 11:00RussiaAkron TogliattiAkron Togliatti - Tekstilshchik IvTekstilshchik Iv12 vip waiting
11/01 11:00RussiaGazovik OrenburgGazovik Orenburg - Chertanovo M.Chertanovo M.1x vip waiting
11/01 11:00RussiaShinnik YaroslavShinnik Yaroslav - Volgar AstrakhanVolgar Astrakhanx2 vip waiting
11/01 11:00RussiaVeles MoscowVeles Moscow - Dinamo BryanskDinamo Bryansk1x vip waiting
11/01 13:00RussiaFakelFakel - Spartak Moscow ISpartak Moscow I12 vip waiting
11/01 13:00RussiaFK Krasnodar IIFK Krasnodar II - Alania VladikavkAlania Vladikavk1x vip waiting
11/01 13:00RussiaYenisey KrasnoyaYenisey Krasnoya - Volga Nizhny NovVolga Nizhny Nov12 vip waiting
11/01 14:00RussiaTorpedo moskvaTorpedo moskva - FK Krylya SovetoFK Krylya Soveto12 vip waiting
11/01 14:00RussiaFK ChaykaFK Chayka - Tom TomskTom Tomsk1x vip waiting
11/01 15:00RussiaBaltika KaliningBaltika Kalining - Neftekhimik NizhNeftekhimik Nizh12 vip waiting
These are all predictions on the type of bet 1x2 of football's matches of First Division. You can access other types of bets by clicking in the appropriate boxes.
Notes. Goals: both teams score at least one goal --- home score: Score at least one goal the home team --- away score: Score at least one goal the away team