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Predictions Lyga A - football Lithuania

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DateLgTeam A Match Score Team B Pred. Odd Book Result +
04/20 12:00LithuaniaSpyris KaunasSpyris Kaunas - Suduva2-1Suduva121.16 vip correct
04/20 15:00LithuaniaSiauliaiSiauliai - Alytis Alytus1-0Alytis Alytus121.27 vip correct
04/21 10:00LithuaniaFK PanevezysFK Panevezys - TransINVEST Viln1-1TransINVEST Vilnx3.40 vip correct
04/21 12:00LithuaniaHegelmann LitaueHegelmann Litaue - Banga Gargzdai2-2Banga Gargzdai1x1.06 vip correct
04/21 15:25LithuaniaFK Zalgiris VilnFK Zalgiris Viln - Dziugas Telsiai3-1Dziugas Telsiaix4.51 vip wrong
04/23 16:00LithuaniaSiauliaiSiauliai - SuduvaSuduva121.26 vip waiting
04/24 15:00LithuaniaFK PanevezysFK Panevezys - Dziugas TelsiaiDziugas Telsiai1x vip waiting
04/24 15:00LithuaniaTransINVEST VilnTransINVEST Viln - Hegelmann LitaueHegelmann Litaue2 vip waiting
04/24 16:00LithuaniaSpyris KaunasSpyris Kaunas - Banga GargzdaiBanga Gargzdai12 vip waiting
04/24 17:00LithuaniaFK Zalgiris VilnFK Zalgiris Viln - Alytis AlytusAlytis Alytus12 vip waiting
04/27 12:00LithuaniaDziugas TelsiaiDziugas Telsiai - TransINVEST VilnTransINVEST Viln12 vip waiting
04/28 10:00LithuaniaHegelmann LitaueHegelmann Litaue - Spyris KaunasSpyris Kaunasx2 vip waiting
04/28 12:00LithuaniaBanga GargzdaiBanga Gargzdai - SiauliaiSiauliaix vip waiting
04/28 14:00LithuaniaSuduvaSuduva - FK Zalgiris VilnFK Zalgiris Viln12 vip waiting
04/28 16:00LithuaniaAlytis AlytusAlytis Alytus - FK PanevezysFK Panevezys2 vip waiting
These are all predictions on the type of bet 1x2 of football's matches of Lyga A. You can access other types of bets by clicking in the appropriate boxes.
Notes. Goals: both teams score at least one goal --- home score: Score at least one goal the home team --- away score: Score at least one goal the away team