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Predictions Copa Libertadores - football American

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DateLgTeam A Match Score Team B Pred. Odd Book Result +
05/24 22:15AmericaNacional MonteviNacional Montevi - Bragantino3-0Bragantino12.65 vip correct
05/24 22:15AmericaVelez SarsfieldVelez Sarsfield - Estudiantes La P4-0Estudiantes La Px23.16 vip wrong
05/25 00:30AmericaClub Sport EmeleClub Sport Emele - Independiente Pe7-0Independiente Pe11.06 vip correct
05/25 00:30AmericaFlamengoFlamengo - Sporting Cristal2-1Sporting Cristal11.20 vip correct
05/25 00:30AmericaPalmeirasPalmeiras - Deportivo Tachir4-1Deportivo Tachir11.16 vip correct
05/25 00:30AmericaUniv CatolicaUniv Catolica - Talleres Cordoba0-1Talleres Cordoba12.15 vip wrong
05/25 22:00AmericaColo ColoColo Colo - Fortaleza3-4Fortaleza11.88 vip wrong
05/25 22:00AmericaCA River PlateCA River Plate - Alianza Lima8-1Alianza Lima121.04 vip correct
05/26 00:00AmericaCerro PortenoCerro Porteno - Olimpia Asuncion0-1Olimpia Asuncion12.27 vip wrong
05/26 00:00AmericaInd. del ValleInd. del Valle - America MG3-0America MG1x1.11 vip correct
05/26 00:00AmericaAtletico MineiroAtletico Mineiro - Deportes Tolima1-2Deportes Tolima121.24 vip correct
05/26 00:00AmericaCA PenarolCA Penarol - Colon de Santa F2-1Colon de Santa F12.80 vip correct
05/26 22:00AmericaAthletico-PRAthletico-PR - Caracas FCCaracas FC1 vip waiting
05/26 22:00AmericaLibertadLibertad - The StrongestThe Strongest11.36 vip waiting
05/27 00:00AmericaBoca JuniorsBoca Juniors - Deportivo CaliDeportivo Cali11.38 vip waiting
05/27 00:00AmericaCorinthiansCorinthians - Always ReadyAlways Ready11.02 vip waiting
These are all predictions on the type of bet 1x2 of football's matches of Copa Libertadores. You can access other types of bets by clicking in the appropriate boxes.
Notes. Goals: both teams score at least one goal --- home score: Score at least one goal the home team --- away score: Score at least one goal the away team