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Prediction Flambeau De L’Est - Flambeau du Centre

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Flambeau De L’Est  VS  Flambeau du Centre
Burundi Ligue A
Date match: 11/07/2021 Sunday

Under you found the prediction processed by our proprietary software and reviewed manually by our editors of the football match Flambeau De L’Est-Flambeau du Centre, match of the championship Burundi Ligue A. Even stats, standings, news and information on the football league Burundi Ligue A and on teams Flambeau De L’Est and Flambeau du Centre.The prediction 1x2 or under/over or goal/nogoal, with odds of bookmakers comes complete with the correct score. With this, we always try to provide gratis all the tools you need to bet responsibly and we hope winning!

Prediction Flambeau De L’Est-Flambeau du Centre: 1 (Odd )

Prediction Recommended Flambeau De L’Est-Flambeau du Centre: over 1.5

Prediction Gol/NoGol Flambeau De L’Est-Flambeau du Centre: Gol

Prediction Under/Over 2.5gol Flambeau De L’Est-Flambeau du Centre: Over (Odd )

Prediction correct score: 3 - 1

Flambeau De L’Est Flambeau du Centre
Statistics Flambeau De L’Est
Statistics Flambeau du Centre
HomeW60% [3]
D 0% [0]
L 40% [2]
TotalW 37% [3]
D 12% [1]
L 50% [4]
AwayW25% [1]
D 25% [1]
L 50% [2]
TotalW 50% [4]
D 25% [2]
L 25% [2]

 W=Won D=Draw L=Lose
Last Matches
Goals Scored13Goals Allowed10
Under 1.51Over 1.54
Under 2.51Over 2.54
Under 3.52Over 3.53

(last) DrawLostLostvictory
Goals Scored5Goals Allowed4
Under 1.51Over 1.53
Under 2.51Over 2.53
Under 3.54Over 3.50

(last) LostLostLostDrawvictoryLostvictoryvictory
Goals Scored15Goals Allowed16
Under 1.52Over 1.56
Under 2.52Over 2.56
Under 3.54Over 3.54

(last) DrawLostDrawLostvictoryvictoryvictoryvictory
Goals Scored11Goals Allowed6
Under 1.53Over 1.55
Under 2.54Over 2.54
Under 3.57Over 3.51

Last Matches (all competitions)
Flambeau De L’Est - Aigle Noir 0-4
TOP Junior - Flambeau De L’Est 3-2
Flambeau De L’Est - New Oil 0-5
Les Crocos - Flambeau De L’Est 0-0
Flambeau De L’Est - Bujumbura C. 2-1
Le Messager Ngozi - Flambeau De L’Est 3-0
Flambeau De L’Est - Dynamik 1-0
Flambeau De L’Est - Unite Muyinga 10-0
Les Crocos - Flambeau du Centre 0-0
Bumamuru - Flambeau du Centre 2-1
Flambeau du Centre - Le Messager Ngozi 2-2
Dynamik - Flambeau du Centre 2-1
Flambeau du Centre - Kayanza 2-0
Flambeau du Centre - Royal de Muramvya 1-0
Flambeau du Centre - Musongati 1-0
TOP Junior - Flambeau du Centre 0-3
10/27/2018 Flambeau du Centre - Flambeau De L’Est 1-1 (Burundi Ligue A)
03/13/2018 Flambeau du Centre - Flambeau De L’Est 1-0 (Burundi Ligue A)