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Win an iPhone 11 Pro Max, cash rewards and other perks with 1xBet’s Newest Title - Games Mania

Win an iPhone 11 Pro Max, cash rewards and other perks with 1xBet’s Newest Title - Games Mania

1xBet is always looking for ways to innovate and deliver the best gaming experience to customers. One very successful way of doing so is the 1xGames section, with over 100 titles of exclusive games. Enjoying these unique games gives customers the possibility to have an excellent time and win big at the same time.

The 1xGames section is always updated with new titles and Games Mania is the newest addition to a list of top-quality games. Playing Games Mania you get the chance to multiply your bet and win an iPhone Pro Max in the process.

How to Play?
To access the 1xGames section you just need to create a 1xBet account. Once you do so, go to the 1xGames section and open Games Mania. You now have first-row tickets to an exclusive experience and the chance to win exciting prizes.


To get the game started, you need to place your bet and hit the “Roll the dice” button. Once the dice stop, you will automatically move to the cells written on them. Your prize varies according to the cell you stop on. If you land on a cell with a multiplier, your initial stake will be multiplied with that value.

On top of that, the cells can contain additional prizes. From doubling a winning bet, getting back half of a losing bet, getting a €1 free bet, or a spin to the Lucky Will, everything is available on the game board.

How to win the iPhone?
The cells of the game that don’t have multipliers or additional prizes may contain puzzle pieces. Gathering the puzzle pieces gives you the chance to enter a quest game where you can win the iPhone 1 Pro Max. To be sure you win the iPhone, you just need to collect the 14 puzzle pieces. Once you complete the puzzle, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is yours!


Play Games Mania at 1xBet, land on prize cells and win huge prizes!