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The World Cup 2014 in Brazil has saw the Germany crowned champion of the world for the fourth time in its history by beating Argentina in the final with a goal in extra time of Mario Goetze to 113 '. Bronze medal for the Netherlands than in the "small final" beat the Brazil.

The World Cup 2014 that took place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July, 2014, 20th edition of the World Cup for nations, provided a first stage, with 32 teams participating in this world-cup divided into eight round-robin of six matches,  where each team played one match against each of the other teams in the same group. The top two teams from each group are advanced to the knockout stage (eighths, quarters, semis and finals) that started on June 28.

We of bettingclosed have provided all the predictions of the individual matches of Brazil 2014 and predictions on the qualified of eight group.

The Fifa world cup 2014 has involved 12 different Brazilian cities. In this edition was used for the first time the technology to assist referees in deciding whether the ball has completely crossed the goal line, avoiding the phantom goal, such as the controversial Lampard in England - Germany of the last edition (word cup 2010).

It was the year with the disappointment of great teams that did not pass the first stage, including Italy, Spain, England and Portugal. But it will also be remembered for the humiliation suffered by Brazil in the semi-final against Germany, lost 7-1, and  in the final for the third place lose 3-0 with the Netherlands.
Here are the eight groups that formed the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, with our comments and predictions that had been given before the start of the World Cup.



In group A there are Brazil, the home team of this World Cup edition, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon. The favorites in this group are Brazil and Mexico, with the latter showed talent interesting, first of all the Manchester United star, Hernadez. These the odds paddy power for winning Group A::

Brasil: 1,20 - Croatia: 8,00 - Mexico: 8,00 - Cameroon: 18,00


In Group B we have Spain, current holder of the title of champion of the world, Australia, Chile and the Netherlands. Chile and Australia are the two teams candidate to does not pass the turn.

These the odds paddy power for winning group B:

Spain: 1,68 - Netherlands: 3,60 - Chile: 4,80 - Australia: 18,00


In Group C we have Colombia, Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan. This is probably the most level group from the point of view of performance, Ivory Coast and Greece should have something more than Japan and Colombia.

These the odds paddy power for winning group C:

Colombia: 1,80 - Ivory Coast: 4,40 - Japan: 5,50 - Greece: 6,25


In Group D are Costa Rica, England, Italy and Uruguay, with Italy, 2006 World Champion, and England favored to go through.

These the odds paddy power for winning group D:

Italy: 2,60 - Uruguay: 2,80 - England: 2,90 - Costa Rica: 30,00

brasil-wc2014-group-e  In Group E there are Ecuador, France, Honduras and Switzerland, with France, which sees all the favors of predictions as the winning group. Switzerland is the favorite for second place, is playing well and remember he won his qualifying group. 

These the odds paddy power for winning group E:

France: 1.74 - Switzerland: 3,50 - Ecuador: 4,90 - Honduras: 18,00

brasil-wc2014-group-f In Group F, we have Argentina, Bosnia, Iran and Nigeria, with Argentina's Messi and his companions the predestined of this group. For the second place will be quite a challenge with Nigeria of midfielders Mikel and Moses playing respectively in Chelsea and in Liverpool slightly favored over Bosnia and Iran.

These the odds paddy power for winning group F:

Argentina: 1,20 - Bosnia-Erzegovina: 7,25 - Nigeria: 9.00 - Iran: 30,00

brasil-wc2014-group-g In Group G have Germany, Portugal, Ghana and USA, Germany of Schweinsteiger and Portugal of Ronaldo are called to don't miss the qualification to next round. 

These the odds paddy power for winning group G:

Germany: 1,48 - Portugal: 3,60 - USA: 11.00 - Ghana: 12,00

brasil-wc2014-group-h In Group H, there are Algeria, Belgium, Russia and the Republic of Korea. On paper, Belgium and Russia should get the better of Algeria and South Korea, but the surprise in this group is around the corner.

These the odds paddy power for winning group H:

Belgium: 1,62 - Russia: 3,00 - South Korea: 8.50 - Algeria: 20,00